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Is Biden mentally fit for office and Don Jr. challenges Hunter to a debate?

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This is

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the Thomas guide your roadmap or navigating the world with your guide. John Thomas, political savant, world-class analyst and culture critic. No need to Google directions. Just buckle up and enjoy the ride. This is the Thomas guide with your host, John Thomas. Is Joe Biden mentally fit to serve as president and calmly Harris back’s Biden. Donald Trump jr says he wants to debate Hunter. I’ll get into that more in this episode.

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Welcome back. Happy Monday to another episode of the Thomas guide. I’m John Thomas, your host opiate ETA. Great weekend. We’ve got a lot to get to on today’s podcast, so let me get right into it first. You haven’t gone to my website. Go to The Thomas right now and sign up for my email list. It’s free. Do it because if you do it, not only are you going to get an email every time we put out new episodes, that makes it a little bit easier. I have to go hunting in your feed, but I’m also giving out exclusive content of appearances I make. Um, every time I do a television hit, we’re putting together a video vault where all my TV hits will live, but you’ll only be able to see it if you subscribe to the email list and we’re getting ready to roll out an exclusive ebook that I’ve written that I think you’ll enjoy, but you’re only going to get it if you sign up for my email list on the The Thomas

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All right, plugged done. Let’s move a couple things that are catching my eye. Uh, Joe mentum. Yes, it is real. A Biden is experiencing a big bounce. All eyes are going to be on Michigan coming up because if Sanders can’t win Michigan, it’s probably lights out for Sanders, probably as lights out for him in any way. He has about another 24 hours or so to recover. It’s for something new, uh, shift in the race. And if it doesn’t, I’m afraid to say that it’s a, it’s not looking good for Bernie Sanders at this point. I didn’t will likely be the deli leader, uh, may not capture 50% and the threshold of the delegates required, but he’ll have momentum. And of course he has the establishment behind him. So the establishment is looking to take this from Bernie and they’re going to have every narrative in under the sun that they should give it to Bernie.

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So, uh, it’s getting tough unless a black Swan event occurs because if you just look at the map after Michigan, they start to look like States that have larger African American populations. It just favors Biden’s core constituency better than it does Bernie’s. So again, he’s got about 24 hours to see this thing. I haven’t seen it, but look, things can change. Uh, things aren’t always fixed is just tougher and tougher. Uh, for Biden. Now if that, if you were a Bernie bro, listening to this show, something that can buoy you is that Biden is not a stable player. And we’ll get into that in one second. That I think Bernie is by and large, stable. You know what you’re going to get with him. He’s not going to go off the rails. Mmm. Health aside, he’s going to hit his marks. Pretty much every other candidate on the stage or that was on the stage is pretty predictable in what they could or could not do.

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They’re not going to go wildly off script by now. On the other hand, UNOS, the guy could absolutely implode, uh, between now and the nomination and certainly could implode between now and November. So you’re Bernie, bro. Stay optimistic. Why not? Cause Biden could completely blow it. Now, one of the reasons that the Joe mentum is likely to continue, it’s not just that he really has momentum, but Biden’s campaign, Mmm is raising tons and tons of cash since is Saturday when in South Carolina, all of the establishment money as well as online money is now going to buy it. Now remember, Sanders still has money but nowhere, but Biden is getting the new influx of money and we can see it in the way they’d been spending. Biden’s campaign has poured nearly $7 million into TV ads into a majority of the remaining March States that are going to be voting.

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He’s now has a spending advantage over Sanders in Michigan, Mississippi, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Florida. That does matter because if you’re looking to continue trend lines heart away, the way you do that is by either spending equally or outspending your opponents in messaging. So, uh, this is, these are all indicators, not necessarily destiny, but these are indicators that Biden will be able to at least maintain is pace in the polls. Mmm. So yeah, not in another, not so good indicator for Bernie Sanders. All right. Another thing that Biden has enjoyed on Sunday, Camila Harris endorsed Joe Biden. Ooh. That was just a real profile encouraged there. Camila Harris is an establishment figure. She endorsed Joe Biden when it looks like Biden’s probably going to be the nominee. I mean, what took her so long, number one. Number two, does anybody really care? She, well, it’s one of the first to draw bat in the presidential race.

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She didn’t even make it to Ohio. She carries no States with her. Uh, she wasn’t even doing ranking well in her home state of California. So why is this such a big deal? Well if you’re Joe Biden, um, you know, it’s another, it’s another talking point. It’s something, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a blip on the map of momentum. Sure. But why did she do it? Well, she’s running to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick that much is clear and wa. Now here’s the thing. I was on a Fox, my local Fox affiliate on Friday. Uh, it’s called, the issue is with a friend of mine, the host’s name, Elyx Michaelson. Alex is a great local political reporter. Uh, and again, we’ll have the episode up on our vault, but again, you got to subscribe to our email list. So we were debating, uh, with Arriva Martin who is a democratic activist and Bob Shrum who heads up USCS Institute of politics, but also, uh, I think he’s run a few democratic presidential campaigns.

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And we were talking about, you know, philosophies or, or, or how, who should Biden pick to be as VP? And both of them were saying, Oh, calm layers. I said, nah, I don’t really know. I think Amy Klobuchar is actually a better hick or Biden for a couple of reasons. First, what does Camila bring to the table? Mmm. Electorally, not a lot. I do think whoever the democratic nominee is, they should put a woman on the ticket, uh, because they need to balance out the old whiteness of whoever their nominee will be. But my, my push was for Amy Klobuchar and why? Because I really think at the end of the day, this election, um, both for house races, Senate races, but also in those swing Midwestern States, you have to hold people that look and feel like Amy Klobuchar, college educated, suburban white women. That’s an very, very important demographic to hold.

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And Amy, uh, has some decent appeal to those demographics we’re seeing in research that Biden actually, although he seems, you know, like a nice enough fellow, uh, he comes from a generation of misogyny, Mmm. That he’s not particularly popular with women. So perhaps he looks a strength in that, that component on his ticket. Ah, some people mentioned Pete, Buddha judge. I think that’d be a terrible pick, uh, for a couple of reasons. I don’t know what, he doesn’t bring blacks to the ticket. Mmm. I just, I just, if I were advising P Buddha judge, I would tell him, do not take, even if Joe offers you the slot, don’t take it. You not saddle up and it’s your political career [inaudible] Joe buy because you don’t want to basically be a Paul Ryan. Remember when he was, he was on the Veep nod and then it basically like killed off his, his future careers.

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One of the things, uh, but booted. Yeah, just star is very, very bright. Uh, Biden may or may not ever be president and he may do something that just completely embarrassing everybody on his ticket. Uh, he’s, he’s a wild card. So if you’re a booted judge, you’ve got a guaranteed cabinet appointment because of what you did in on a, after South Carolina by endorsing Joe Biden. What, what’s the upside here? What you need to do is stay relevant. So if Biden does, when you can be secretary of transportation, secretary of state, uh, so you know, something to beef up the resume behind tiny little mayor of South, former mayor of South bend, Indiana. Um Hmm. Yeah. That he, he can get, he needs something more than that. But a cabinet secretary is perfect, uh, too beef up the resume. That is if Joe Biden wins. So he still gets upside.

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If Biden wins, if Biden implodes and loses, you had nothing to do with that, you can totally distance yourself and do a reboot and run the following cycle and have a darn good shot at winning, uh, and winning the nomination and basically just kind of winking on and say, look, had I been the nominee, maybe things would have worked out differently. We need a new fresh generation. The other thing is, but Buddha judge is w w it will likely be a showdown in, uh, the following cycle. Assuming, let’s assume Trump gets reelected just for sake of argument. Well, in 2028, what sources are telling me is it will be a show down on the democratic side between AOC and Pete, Buddha judge. That’s where this showdown is going to be. Uh, if I were looking at those odds, I would probably say, Buddha judge has it.

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Dang good shot at it. So keep your powder dry. Peat hope for a cabinet appointment, but don’t hit your wagon to uh, to buy. Now, if I were suggesting to Bernie, not that he will be the nominee, but suggesting to Bernie who she pick, I would probably say Elizabeth Warren, these nominees need a woman because they’re Democrats and they’ve got to get away from that old white man thing. Um, and you got to, Bernie has to pick somebody who is consistent with his brand. Uh, so Elizabeth Warren seems to be most authentic and consistent with the brand. My philosophy actually on VPs generally speaking is a little bit different than how do you balance a ticket. Generally speaking, it’s, I just think you should double down on the brand. If you’re running the business person at the top of the ticket, have another business person right below them, balance it out, uh, R or uh, not balance it out. Uh, double down on the brand. Aye. If you’re going to pick a brand, just drive it all the way. Don’t confuse people with sending mixed signals. Cause I think at the end of the day, people really don’t vote on VP unless VP is a liability like Sarah Pailin. And that ends up hurting you, uh, on the tickets. So obviously don’t do that. Mmm. Okay. This transitions me into my next point. [inaudible]

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I’m taking off my partisan half of this conversation and just calling it like I see it. I cannot believe the Joe Biden is mentally fit to be pressing the United States. No. I can hear my listeners who are gasping and going, well, Donald Trump isn’t mentally fit either. He’s, you know, uh, he’s unstable, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Look, that’s opinion. Mmm. You, when you hear the mainstream media attacking Donald Trump as being mentally unfit, typically it’s because they don’t like his decisions and they don’t like his temperament. But objectively speaking, Trump is a machine. Okay. Trump works 18, 19 hour days. Mmm. There are, we all know there were 77 year olds and seventies 78 year olds that really feel like 50 mid, 50 year olds, mentally and physically, and there are 77 year olds and 78 year olds. Look who mentally are about 110 or should be in a convalescent home. It’s sad to see, but they’re at that age, a lot of his genetics and of course how you treated your body over the years. But um, they both can be the same age and dramatically different in terms of how lucid they are. Uh, the stamina that they PR, uh, present and Trump is closer to that mid 50 year old. Mmm. Biden, I’m as I’ve been watching him on the campaign trail.

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Yeah. We talk about, Oh, he’s lost his fast ball or he’s gaffe prone. Something’s off. Uh, there, there been people that, Democrats, we’ve campaigned with him when, uh, even from just a few years ago in 2008, they’ve gone on the record saying something’s not right, Joe. This is not the same Joe that I saw in 2008. Something’s mentally not right. He forgets what state he’s in all the time. He forgets his wife’s name. Um, it, the mainstream media and the Biden campaign, the Biden campaign pushes it. The mainstream media locks onto it cause they want to get by in the past. Cause he’s the establishment Democrat. They want him to get elected over Bernie. And of course they want me to get elected over Trump. They try to conflate stuttering and mental acuity. They’re really not one, they’re not. They’re completely different. And as you watch Biden on the trail, he’s just simply not up to the task.

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Now, this combines with our compounds, with information I have, which is Joe Biden. Uh, they, the team not only keeps him away from sit down with the media because they’re worried about what he might say, but they, the normal rigors of a presidential campaign are so exhausting for anybody. Whether you’re in your forties, 50s, 60s, or 70s, certainly seventies, that with Joe Biden, they scheduled nap time for him everyday on the trail. That’s unusual. That does not happen for presidential candidates because every moment of the day it’s precious. It’s a moment you can be talking to a da, a donor voter, uh, uh, a member of the press every, your time is your most precious asset. Maybe taking naps in the middle of the day means you don’t have it, some things wrong. Uh, it’s interesting that we’re not having this conversation more robustly and maybe it’ll be fascinating to watch as this contest moves on the, if we talk about the, whether or not Joe Biden is mentally fit for office, the mainstream media doesn’t want to have this conversation, but Biden may say or do things on the trail. It will simply press the issue and Trump may press the issue, quite frankly, that will then force the media to, to cover the issue based upon what Trump says about Joe. Mmm.

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You add on top of this component, every person, Lisa, in my lifetime that has been president has age seemingly 20 to 30 years while they were serving as president. And why it’s a dang hard job. I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat. It is. You have the world on your shoulders. It is really hard. Are you telling me the Joe Biden is mentally equipped to handle the rigors, the stress of being president? Absolutely not. No way. I think that’s one of the reasons Joe Biden, uh, that Barack Obama has an endorsed Joe. No, I have every expectation that after Michigan, uh, that Biden, that Obama probably will weigh in, uh, because at that point by we’ll have an almost an insurmountable lead. It’s a, it’s a safe bet. DACA ruffle feathers. But there’s a reason why Obama did not come out and endorse his Veep because he knew the guy wasn’t up to the challenges, not just because he’s lost when he’s running, trying to run for president multiple times twice before because it’s not all there, not up to the task, uh, both in actually doing the job, but also winning the election. So look, I think this is a conversation we have to have and quite frankly, it’s sad to me that people around Joe are letting him run when he’s so clearly not mentally fit to be president.

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Look, I’m not trying to be partisan here. I’m just calling it like I see it. And you can disagree with me on Twitter or at the Thomas guys. I mean, email fair. It’s fair game. Please. Uh, let me know and don’t just, don’t just hit backed by saying, Oh yeah, well, Trump isn’t mentally fit. Oh, okay. Number one, you’re wrong. But tell me, it’s not a relative comparison here. Tell me why you think that Joe Biden has displayed the stamina, the mental acuity to do the job. He hasn’t. Okay. Moving along, Donald Trump jr was on a Axios clip of a show, a show. I pulled the clip. Okay. And he made some really good points about a double standard of whether or not, uh, the, the Trump kids benefited, uh, from tax using taxpayer dollars for their lifestyles juxtaposed to the Biden family. And then Donald Trump jr says that he wants to debate Hunter. Aye only support that. I think that would be actually entertaining and fascinating. Uh, and, and, and both illuminating. Actually, let’s get to the bottom of a lot of these accusations against the, the Trump kids and what, you know, what they have done or haven’t done exploiting access compared to the, uh, to a Hunter. Let’s see it. [inaudible] let’s first roll the clip and then we’ll dissect.

Donald Trump Jr.: (20:36)
Let’s talk 2020 for a second. When you think about Joe Biden, like give me like synthesize the attack that’s going to come off the top of my head. It’s multiple fold, right? First of all, you have sort of just a guy that’s telling us he’s going to do all these things. He’s going to do them, but he’s been in politics for 50 years. Why hasn’t he done them? Then the second part of that is, you know if Donald Trump mixed up Iowa and Ohio once the media, and you know where I’m going on this one, right guys, the media would be on TV. Every teller psychologist would say, Donald Trump has lost his mind. Donald, and he’s in the later stages of dementia and a combination of Alzheimer’s. He’s not fit to run. Joe Biden doesn’t know what state he’s in 50% of the time. If Donald Trump did the equivalent, you would not hear anything other than that.

Donald Trump Jr.: (21:29)
How much will his son be a part of that Hunter? There’s obviously been a big, it’s gotta be a big part. I was an international business person before my father got into politics. That’s what we did. I’m not going to say I haven’t benefited from my father’s last name, just like Hunter Biden did. I, that’d be foolish to say that, but I haven’t benefited from my father’s tax payer funded office. Right. Hunter it and his father becomes VP. All of a sudden he goes over to the Ukraine and he’s making 83 grand a month. So you know, the media likes to do this sort of false equivalence. You’re, you’re doing this, you’re doing that. We stopped doing any new international business deals when my father won the presidency. So you know what would be great. I’ll let you host it. You moderate a debate between Hunter Biden and myself.

Donald Trump Jr.: (22:20)
[inaudible] full transparency.

Donald Trump Jr.: (22:28)
We sell everything and we can talk about all of the places where I’m supposedly grifting but Hunter Biden isn’t. I wouldn’t want to do it. The great. Who made more off dad debate? No, no, no. He’d talk about it. Hey, as it relates to the grift, they’re saying we’re profiting off of the presidency, but you, let’s talk about you. I don’t remember that. I’ve profited off the presidency. We have selling book. You do paid speeches. You do. I’ve done paid speeches for over a decade. I do a lot. I don’t even do the international ones. Nothing that I haven’t done before. And again, if you looked at my tax returns, which maybe we could talk about in this debate, so you’ll show me your tax protector and then he would do a both. You really debate him. I a hundred percent debate them. Let’s talk about who profited off of whose public service. Happy to do it. Let’s make it happen.

Thomas Guide: (23:17)
So there’s a couple things here. Uh, first Don junior is actually quite talented at doing media interviews. It comes off sincere. Uh, he knows how to throw some lines. Mmm. He provocative East talented, no doubt, no doubt about it. And he has a future in politics as an elected if he wants it. He really does a number one, uh, number two, yes to the debate. Let’s do it. I really, really hope that happens. Mmm. We’ll see. I’m skeptical about it because Hunter [inaudible] not only a demolish, but a hundred is a huge liability and I would muzzle Hunter and quite frankly, I hadn’t muzzled Joe, you shouldn’t speak either. But uh, now that Joe appears, uh, to be the likely nominee of the democratic side, uh, we’re going to get back into what I hope we were that seemed to be dropped after impeachment. And as Joe’s campaign was fizzling until last Saturday, which is we haven’t heard the last of Hunter Biden’s profiting off of his father.

Thomas Guide: (24:24)
Many others, uh, positioning government. And here’s what we know. We know that a hundred Biden has made a living, I think he lives in Santa Monica and a multimillion dollar home. Um, we know that he’s served on a board on Barisma in, in barista or on a Barisma is board in the Ukraine and wa had zero qualifications in the gas industry, in the inner energy industry. We, we also, so we don’t know. I want, I would love to see copies of that consulting agreement. What was it? What was the job application like? How did they, what did, what did he promise to serve on the board? How many times did they meet with Joe Biden, uh, when he was vice president? Was there anything said? We also know the Hunter Biden, um, has had multimillion dollar consulting deals in China as it related to doing business in the U S what was that all about?

Thomas Guide: (25:26)
What was the contract? Where else I want to know and turbines entire [inaudible] international consulting career. And let’s match that up with action or inaction that happened when Joe was a us Senator and when Joe was vice president, I will bet you a hundred Biden has made tens of millions of dollars in a very straightforward line between, off of his, off of his dad’s. However, in government, and I bet you you can public records request, uh, Biden’s calendar and syncs up with Hunter and Hunter’s clients. I mean, it’s, it’s, I think the Clintons were better at making more money and exploiting their power. I mean, they just were, uh, but the Bidens get the drill, get the game too. I mean, they are so swampy. This is now going to come up. We are going to subpoena records. We’re going to get to the bottom of it. I can’t wait because the American people need to see exactly how swampy the Bidens were.

Thomas Guide: (26:37)
So that’s the other thing. Uh, one other emerging trend and you heard Don jr mentioning it and you may remember I talked about, Oh gosh, back several months ago, I laid out the messaging free messaging, ah, uh, arguments if for the Democrats against Trump and then Trump, um, against different Democrats that he could potentially face. And one of the Democrats, obviously it was Joe Biden and the argument I was, I was making that they should frame it would be positioning Biden as the establishment status quo and Trump as the change agent. You saw John Don jr basically ma echoing that message by saying Biden’s been around for a hundred years in government. Why didn’t he do anything then? Why didn’t he make these changes that he said he’s so excited to make as president? Why didn’t he do it then? Well, that’s exactly the argument. He’s part of the status quo.

Thomas Guide: (27:44)
If you want change and you want progress, you can’t vote for Joe Biden. That’s going to be the message. And that’s a powerful one to make because what does Biden say? Well I have made changes. Really? Yeah. A lot of the changes you made were terrible. Why didn’t, how do you somehow come to an epiphany at, in your late seventies that you’re now going to make the right kind of changes or you’ve been fighting for those changes. But how come you didn’t get it done? Well it’s cause you’re part of the establishment [inaudible] that’s a good space for Trump to be in. I think Trump has a lot more message control than Biden does. So what they’re going to try to do is use surrogates to deliver Biden’s message cause I don’t think Biden is mentally up to do it and they’re going to use, uh, Mike Bloomberg’s billion dollars to try to deliver it on television because Joe Biden is up to it.

Thomas Guide: (28:38)
That’s I think how they’re going to do it. Uh, so we’ll see. All right. Well, I hope they, I hope Hunter and Don jr are to do a debate cause that would just be tremendous. Another thing before we get to the mailbag, uh, I mentioned, but I, I’d forgotten to discuss it was the Los Angeles County district attorney’s race. I do want to go a little local here because I think it’s, I think it will be a useful and instructive and let me see if I can pull up, let’s see. So I did, I don’t have a client in this race, uh, but I did a cool, I run a polling company or a pulling division as well and I did a poll with KFI am six 40, which is a local talk radio station here in Southern California because I was curious to watch in the month of February what was likely to happen in this race for district attorney.

Thomas Guide: (29:39)
You have a Democrat self-proclaimed progressive, a African American woman district attorney. She was elected in 2012. Uh, she’s been da since then. I think she, she got reelected in 2016 she was uncontested. Now she is running against the former San Francisco ultra ultra liberal district attorney, uh, gas gone. And so I was curious who was gonna win? Uh, what are the attitudes of voters? What are they looking for in their next district attorney? Uh, is Lacey vulnerable? And so we did a, what we call a rolling track. I tested twice in February to watch the movement of the electorate. Okay. And my prediction was that this was going to go to a runoff because there was such a large undecided, uh, just let’s see about it. Two weeks out when we tested the unsures started about 70%. It was still at about 49% unsure two weeks out.

Thomas Guide: (30:45)
That’s huge for a race of this magnitude. So it didn’t bode well for Lacey as of I checked as a, now Lacy is sitting exactly at 50%. I mean literally five. Oh, exactly. And late returns keep trickling in. Uh, as more Democrats are voting and they seemed, every time there’s an update in more ballots [inaudible] the liberal former San Francisco da keeps [inaudible] picking up votes. So it does appear Lacy’s going to go to a runoff, which means, uh, my poll called, uh, we did predict that it was likely to go to a runoff that’s not even the most interesting thing. Mmm. Lacy started out this race in about 18% of the vote, uh, which is weak for an incumbent district attorney with, like I said, 70% undecided. This was on February 5th. Uh, the deputy sheriffs that are scared to death of an ultra progressive San Francisco da has spent millions for Jackie Lacey on television and beating up George gas gone.

Thomas Guide: (31:57)
The San Francisco da, uh, they, so much so that they’ve basically ran Jackie’s campaign for her. Uh, Jackie started out about a little upside down [inaudible] our approvals at 19% favorable, 24% unfavorable, and now she’s right side up because the advertising at 34% favorable, 20% unfavorable, uh, that’s better movement for Lacey still in a, a vulnerable position. Gas scones started, uh, largely unknown as you would imagine, cause he’s not from, he’s from San Francisco. You started in early February at 9% favorable, 21% favor unfavorable. So upside down, and that number is only escalated because of the Sheriff’s attacks. He’s a 13% favorable, 29% unfavorable. But the bottom line is,

Thomas Guide: (32:52)

Thomas Guide: (32:52)
Being at 13% favorable, that’s just not an high enough, uh, number to be in a good space. So gas gone goes into this next round, uh, decently week. Um, but it’s a better turnout model in November for gas scone than it was. Mmm. Then it was in March because there will be just more Democrats voting and Gascon can run as the endorse. He is the endorse Democrat. Um, so there’s a lot of elements to this race. I don’t need to get into, uh, black lives matter hates Jackie Lacey, the incumbent because they think she hasn’t been tough enough on prosecuting cops. Ah, they’ve abused the system. Um, so a couple of polling numbers I do want to go through here. Uh, number one, uh, on the, the homelessness is the number one issue. And almost 70% of voters in our poll in February said that LA county’s leaders are not doing enough to combat homelessness.

Thomas Guide: (33:53)
So that’s a real vulnerability for Jackie Lacey. If Gascon could beat him up, beat her up on it. The problem is, yes, go only raised, I want to say it’s like $400,000. That’s nowhere near enough to run a campaign countywide. We need to basically spend $1 million a week on television. Uh, if you want to challenge somebody. So yeah, scones entire campaign is going to be dependent on outside spending. Probably a far leftist, like George Soros would come in and think that he could buy this seat. I shift the face of the criminal justice system in one of the largest counties. America drop 10 million bucks or something. Here’s the thing, George Soros does do that in district attorney’s races that aren’t quite this juicy elsewhere in the country. So it’s very possible. Soros will do this. Dwarfing Lacy and the deputy sheriffs that are supporting our spend. So that’s the risk here.

Thomas Guide: (34:51)
Mmm. She was upside down on her hard reelect number, which we asked this question, does Jackie Lacey deserve to be reelected? Uh, 18 to 26, 26 sing, not real, like not a great space to be in. Mmm. This is another warning sign for an incumbent district attorney. We asked the question, do you feel safe walking the streets of LA County? 50. [inaudible] said they do not feel safe walk in the street 50%. So there’s this underpinning of worry about being safe. No, here are some, um, upsides for Lacey. The incumbent, we ask respondents of yeah. In the race for LA LA County district attorney, would you for a candidate who’s tough on crime and keeps criminals behind bars or a candidate who prioritizes police accountability or excessive use of force by a margin of 53 to 22, 53% of voters wanted a candidate who was tough on crime, which is far more in Lacey’s lane then in gas lane so she can run that kind of race.

Thomas Guide: (36:01)
Okay. Um, so that’s good for, for uh, for Jackie Lacy. Mmm. So the, uh, we, we asked a similar twist on that. Do you want a, uh, another candidate who is tough on crime, keeps criminals behind bars or candidate? We’ll fight to address racial discrimination in our justice system, which is essentially gas guns message. 50%. Say they want a voter’s stuff. Ah, candidate who’s tough on crime, 29% say they want the candidate who will address racial discrimination in our justice system. So there are opportunities for both sides here on the, uh, in the race in November, if I were gas gone, uh, I would build a positive profile for myself rapidly and quickly on the issue of homelessness and the inaction of the current district attorney to tackle that crisis and then wrap it around some squishy, uh, emotional plea. Uh, and then say I’m the endorsed Democrat.

Thomas Guide: (37:09)
That’s why I’m the endorsed Democrat. If I were Jackie Lacey, I would burn down gas cone as too soft on crime and make herself strong on keeping families safe and making and that she’s prioritizing tackling homelessness. She started, but there’s more to do. Ah, there you go. Jackie. There’s your free messaging advice and George, you’re welcome. Uh, but, uh, both have arguments to make. Jackie starts out with a slight advantage, if nothing else in name ID because she benefited from millions and spend his last round gas go and has ground to make up. So this may come down to simply a share of voice spend about, uh, who spends the most as guests. Don’t ever spend enough to catch up to Jackie. We’ll see. I think that’s largely out of his control because it’s going to take outside groups to lift him up. All right, let’s get to the mailbag.

Thomas Guide: (38:07)
Pull up my, my notes here. I appreciate it when you guys tweet me or email me. I’m trying to get to as many of these as we can. Alright, Doug, uh, on Twitter asked me, John, do you think that Biden’s missteps are setting up Hillary for VP running mate intentionally? Interesting. Uh, no, I don’t think so. I think wants back into the game, no doubt about it. But, uh, Hillary is not popular. We limit, so I don’t know exactly what that would get. Joe Biden, I don’t think Biden’s missteps, uh, are intentional at all. I think Biden, like I said, is not mentally equipped and fit to a, do you run a campaign and serve as president United States? I really think that that’s, that’s a, that’s about it. Um, all right. Moving along. Uh, penguins, kittens on Twitter said, Hey, John oil has taken a huge crap.

Thomas Guide: (39:15)
Exclamation point. Yeah. On 20% at opening. What are your thoughts? Putin rejected an OPEC production deal and response to Trump blocking the Germany, Russia gas pipeline as well as sanctions. Russia is trying to take everyone down with them. Well, this is not good prompts. Strength, he’s key. Strength in argument for reelect is the economy and the Corona virus is causing fear and instability, which the number one thing the stock market and the economy looks for is the ability to project stability. And that’s what this coronavirus is not doing. Uh, lower oil prices are going to hurt the American economy, uh, in well certain industries it also benefits other industries. Um, look, the coronavirus I actually think is the biggest threat to the Trump’s presidency yet. I think it’s probably the biggest one that he will face. So we’ll see as this evolves. But no, uh, these oil prices [inaudible] are seriously dangerous, uh, for, for a, or Trump’s reelect.

Thomas Guide: (40:24)
All right, moving along. Thanks too. Dan on Twitter, uh, you noticed, you gave me a shout out. I was quoted in a, in the wall street journal about Uber and Lyft targeting California lawmakers a couple of days ago. And Dan said, I listened to the Thomas guide podcast and I read about him in the wall street journal. Very cool. Glad you caught that. Mentioned. Uh, yeah, you can Google it on, on uh, the wall street journal. I’ll come if you care to. I had some decent things to say about that issue. RA, we’ve got a big week ahead of us. Uh, what I’m watching in the short term, obviously I’m watching this coronavirus to see how that unfolds and we’ll monitor it, uh, politically to see what the impact is. And the next big political moment is certainly on the presidential scale is March 15 in Phoenix is the next democratic debate. Uh, it looks like the qualifications criteria has been released that it requires it.

Thomas Guide: (41:29)
Participants have at least 20% of all pledged delegates awarded from primaries and caucuses up to that point that gets rid of Tulsi Gabard cheese done. So again, the democratic establishment is trying to kill off all of their female candidates in the race. It really cracks me out. It stinks for Tulsi, but she was never going to be the nominee nominee anyway, but a, again, this is a just, it’s going to be a Bernie and Biden show down. I’m going to be, I think actually that’ll be fun to watch. Uh, I anticipate that a at Bernie, well, we’ll go through all the lines of what each one’s going to say and how they’re going to frame it against one another. I anticipate Bernie hits more of his marks and Biden, but all Biden’s gonna have to do is highlight Bernie’s worldview and the impact of Bernie’s policies and they’re just more, uh, normal non socialists that agree with that and uh, uh, mentality. And Biden just has to not implode, which might just be a tall order for somebody like Joe Biden. So thanks for listening, really appreciate it. We’re going to have a great week of us, lots of podcasts coming up. Uh, don’t forget to subscribe to my email list. You can tweet me at the Thomas guide and if you are so inclined, you can leave me a review on iTunes or whatever platform you use it. Thanks so much for listening and we’ll catch you tomorrow on another episode of the Thomas Guy.Thomas Guide