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The AOC Says Biden Will Be The Nominee Of The Democratic Party

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This is,

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but Thomas guide your roadmap or navigating the world with your guide. John Thomas, political savant, world-class analyst and culture Britain. No need to Google directions. Just buckle up and enjoy the ride. This is Thomas guide with your host John Thomas in this episode. Yes, I agree with AOC and it’s officially over.

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Biden will be the nominee of the democratic party IP Bernie and Joe Biden Fry’s to restore the soul of our nation by telling a union worker

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he’s full of S that and more in this episode of the Thomas guide.

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Welcome back to another episode of the Thomas guide. I had to take a day off yesterday. Work got the best of me. Gosh, those pesky campaigns but you’re not, I’m back. But before we get into the show I would be remissed if I did not mention you got to go to the Thomas and sign up for my email list. It’s free. Do it. If you haven’t, we’re going to be rolling out lots of bonus content and ebook and just a bunch of stuff. So the Thomas and uh, if you are so inclined you can leave me a review on iTunes as well if you use that service to listen to the show. All right, let’s get into it. The big news is the democratic primary season is effectively over Joe Biden. It will be the democratic nominee. Bernie Sanders campaign for the nomination is over. Ernie had one final stand as we’ve talked about in the show that was Michigan.

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He had to win Michigan for a whole host of reasons first, that was the prize of last night in terms of delegate count second. That was a state that Bernie won in 2016 against Hillary that recharged his campaign and allowed them to go on for another month or so. He did not win Michigan. In fact, he had a all around awful night. Now what’s going on with Bernie Sanders? It’s not good. Uh, his coalition of young people are simply not turning out. Yes, he is Bernie popular with young people for sure, but they’re not turning out in any record numbers and that’s what he needs. If he wants to shift what was ha, uh, the direction of this primary, they’re not voting, uh, in any record way. So interestingly, they’ll show up to rallies, but when push comes to shove [inaudible] votes, Mmm. After tea, after last, Bernie has nothing good to lock onto to make the case, to continue on.

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There’s no rays of sunshine that he can rally his report or his supporters and look the camera’s in the eye and say, well, it was a mixed night, but here’s why we’re going to win going forward. That’s very, very tough. If you’re Bernie Sanders after last night, here’s where it gets worse. The map going forward is going to be even harder for him. These are States that he’s not favorite in normally like Florida. Forget the fact that he picked praised Castro a couple of weeks ago and defended his remarks. That’s not going to help him in Florida, but these are populations that Biden just simply does better than Bernie going forward. Um, Biden is winning with broad coalitions and most importantly, I hadn’t, is crushing it with black voters and working class voters. Both of those elusive groups are groups that Bernie Sanders needed to do well. He needed a win with working class voters that he didn’t in Michigan.

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Andy had to capture his fair share [inaudible] black voters, which he has it, it was Michigan or bust for Bernie. Pure and simple. So now is there any chance that Bernie will hang in there? Mmm, if Bernie is being honest with himself, no, you should drop out. Well should have dropped out last night, but he should drop out today. Uh, but will he, it’s a good question. Um, we saw before Tuesday nights primary Bernie added even more TV time. He laid down $4 million in new TV ad reservations or TV ad spending in, uh, States net voting States next week. More than 2 million of it he put into Florida alone. So that’s him signaling. Now, this was before polls close last night, but that was the campaign signaling that they are moving on and planning to compete in those future States. Now, can they yank their reservations off the air? Yes, they can. Mmm. They can pull it down and get their money back. But typically campaigns don’t lay down spending like that this close if they aren’t prepared to spend it. So I fully believe that they did intend to compete in the following week.

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They were probably rolling the dice. Hopefully they recaptured momentum and they wanted to be up on the airwaves in Florida and others to compete and also stop the Biden campaign and the super packs that are pro Biden and anti Bernie from buying up all the air time and boxing out Bernie Sanders on the airwaves. So it was probably more of a defensive move and an offensive, uh, as we went into those other States. So the real question is, Bernie doesn’t have a path than nomination at this point, but does he stay in for some unforeseen shift in the race? You know, normally under any circumstance with a weather, if it was Hillary as a front runner, I would say don’t bother. These are very stable, predictable players. Joe Biden isn’t. And we’ll get into a unstable moment that he had yesterday, which was against the democratic union worker, which is pretty remarkable.

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Um, but, uh, Viden is not a stable player. Uh, so could somebody like Biden flooded at the five yard line? Yeah. Yeah. Could. So if your birdie, you’re weighing those pros and cons and you’re saying, well, on the one hand, the delegate math, it’s not there for me. On the other hand, this really is out of my control. I have to literally have Joe Biden like fundamentally implode. And even then it’s going to be tough for me to hang in there. So he’s weighing the pros and cons. Interestingly, you know, he didn’t give an acceptance speech on Tuesday night or a or a know moving on rally speech to his supporters. He was silent. He got on a plane and he went back home to Vermont. Now why did he do that one? Probably pretty upset. Um, and brokenhearted. Mmm. Two, he’s reevaluating his options. You went home, doesn’t want to be or be around AIDS is, I want to be here in a hotel room.

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He wants to sit there with Jeff Weaver is senior advisor and his wife, uh, and they want to mull over what the proper course of action is. I can tell you right now, it has nothing to do with the unity of the party. There’s likely one or two conversations going on. One is, is it over? Mmm. And Weaver, the strategist, uh, is probably saying, well, yeah, in the event, unless there’s a black Swan moment, okay. And to Mmm, what’s in it for me? If I drop out, what can I get? What can I extract and concessions? Well, it’s not going to be a VP nod, most likely, uh, for a whole host of reasons. But mostly because Bernie’s too old. Mmm. So what is it? Well, it’s probably an agenda concession so that he can get something out of Biden and then claim victory that he’s moved, that he’s made the movement, the movement will go on and they got something out of it.

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And I look, it has to be sad. Not that I like Bernie Sanders. [inaudible] the guy’s authentic. I do believe that he thinks that he started a revolution, that he’s fighting for something. Yes, of course. He, the social, he’s a socialist as a Bloomberg said the socialists with three homes. Uh, so certainly he’s feathered his own nest there. But it, I do think that Bernie felt that he was fighting for something larger than himself and in particular his socialist values. So, Mmm. I think if bye Bernie doesn’t want it, doesn’t want to come to grips with the fact that all of this was for nothing. Mmm. Lot of effort, lot of sweat and tears, lot of, uh, volunteer hours, a lot of small donations. And for what, that’s what he asked to come to grips with it. So he’s probably trying to convince himself of what can he get out of Biden in terms of a concession.

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The other conversation that’s being had is when do you drop out? There’s a debate coming up in a few days. This will be Tulsi gabber. The DNC changed the rules to block Tulsi from participating in this debate. So in this upcoming debate, does Bernie stay in to have that debate and see what happens? Because Bernie’s been frothing at the idea of having a one-on-one debate, particularly with an establishment figure who may not be the brightest bulb in the pack. Um, to draw the contrast, Bernie may feel that that contrast will be so clear that Joe Biden will so implode that alone may revive his candidacy as voters wake up both to the fact that on a message level, a Biden represents the old establishment. But Bernie might also think that perhaps Biden on a one on one can’t endure the rigors of a one-on-one debate and will simply implode.

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I think the DNC agrees that I didn’t have a hard time enduring the rigors. Uh, are there the rigor of a one-on-one to eight? In fact, they just changed the rules. The DNC requested the rules change just a couple of days ago. The next debate will the candidate, the two candidates will be a seated on stools. Now why did they change that a couple of days out? They knew the debate schedule. They knew that it would be down to just a few candidates, but why did they do the stool routine? Could it have something to do with the stamina issue perhaps to allow Joe to rest so that he can give his best performance perhaps? I think that’s more likely than not. So the question here is, does Bernie stay on new debate? See if that’s his one last hurrah to change the dynamics of the race, the race, and then go to Florida, get [inaudible] if nothing else changes and then drop out after that.

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Um, I dunno, this is where it’s hard to say. It really is a personal feeling at this point. Bernie has enough cash to go another few days. Mmm. His core core people want him to stay in. But the, and the establishment want, uh, Juan Bernie to drop out because they don’t want Bernie to do what Elizabeth Warren did to Bloomberg. In fact, Jim Cliburn, uh, the lead, you know, the savior of Joe Biden’s campaign in South Carolina just said yesterday after the election, after election night that, Hmm, they should, Bernie should drop out and they should cancel all future debates. No more debates. Interesting. Wonder why that is. Perhaps it’s because you realize that the more your candidate talks, the worse it gets for your candidate. That is a troubling thing we’ll get into in just moment. More in that, in that point. So we’ll see what, what Bernie decides. He’s not going to be the nominee unless some black Swan event occurs at this point.

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And, uh, uh, so that’s pretty much the ballgame. Uh, and then the stackup will be B, B Trump versus Biden. Um, you know, the Corona virus with what’s going on. It is, uh, it was striking to me. I went out to go pick up some dinner, snuck out of the office, went out to go pick up some dinner in a restaurant. I typically frequent for takeout was complete, almost completely empty. Uh, this surrounding restaurants in the neighborhood were all just, just felt like a ghost town. Now, partially, maybe it’s because it rained. Uh, but if this continues, uh, due to fear of the Corona virus and going out in public places will, it could be devastating, at least temporarily to the economy. And if the economy, tra crashes, that makes it very, very, very difficult for Trump to make a strong reelect argument. It just, it just makes it very hard.

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That may just be the black Swan event if it continues, that takes down Donald Trump’s presidency, but it’s early. It’s early days. So we’ll see. The lot is going to happen between now and November, so we just have to keep up, keep watching what’s going on. All right. Shift, uh, uh, moving along. Uh, there was this clip I pulled, it’s a little noisy in the background but I think you’ll, you’ll be able to understand what it’s about. Biden was around a bunch of union workers at a stop today and a union, a younger union worker with a beard, uh, approached Joe Biden in a crowd and started talking to him about his second amendment rights and how he’s concerned that Joe Biden wants to take away our guns. Listen to this clip as mr Joe Biden who is going to restore decency and restore the soul of the nation, addresses this construction union workers concerns about his second amendment rights portion of the union workers

Mr. Joe Biden: (14:52)

that are gun enthusiasts. And you are actively trying to diminish your second amendment right and take away our guns. You’re full of shit. Shush. Shush. I support the second amendment. The second amendment, just like right now, if you yell fire, it’s not free speech. And from the very beginning I ever shot 20 gauge 12 gauge my son time. Guess what? You’re not allowed to own any weapon. I’m not taking the gun away at all. You need a hundred rounds then when you want it. When you said you’re going to take our guns. I did not say that. That’s not true. I did not say the video, which a viral video like the other ones are putting out to their shit where they live and your voice. You were said that you’re taking the gun. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Let’s take the AR. Your AR 14. This is not okay. Hold on. Hold on. All right guys.

John Thomas: (15:45)

Oh, you went to Tennessee. Oh boy. There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, a captain decency tells a, a voter, uh, that he’s full of S uh, not exactly the most decent thing he could say. This gets back to, by the way, uh, a challenge. Biden’s going to have the sense of, uh, it under this, these kinds of things undermine Biden’s fundamental brand promise, which is he’s a decent, nice guy and Trump is not decent and a bad role model. So it’s like when you’re the family values candidate and then it turns out you’ve had 15 abortions and you abused your spouse, well that might be antithetical to the family values candidate, but it might not hurt a, another candidate who’s not running as the family values candidate. I mean, it’s not a, it may not be a plus for that candidate, but it doesn’t fundamentally undermine their message that they’ve, uh, I had abortions, uh, because they’re not running as the family values pro-life candidate in Biden’s case, he is running as the decent guy, a role model.

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Look up for up to end. He’s telling voters that they’re full of S then you couldn’t hear it, but he was very clear. You could see it on, you could hear it, but you could see it even more clearly on the clip. One of his staffers, Mmm. She is telling Jo she’s trying to get Joe out of the situation. And she’s butting in and saying, let’s go, Joe, let’s go. Let’s go. And, uh, or excuse me, sir, I’m trying to get your, and Joe puts his hand out to her face and goes, shush. Just shush you shush. Which, you know, where is the demo? Where is the democratic outrage that Biden is belittling a woman on his staff that her opinion clearly doesn’t matter. I mean, the little things like this, it’s so silly. The truth is the mainstream media and the left do not care about things like this.

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They owe about whether it’s, um, being a decent person, uh, and, and, and, and not being decent housing. Shushing female staffers, they only feign outrage when they use it as a political weapon to hurt Republicans. And in this case, to hurt Donald Trump. That’s what it is. So then Biden of course, goes on and says that this man is lying and it’s not true. And he’s trying to pivot. You can see in his brain, it’s slow, but you can see it. He’s pivoting back to the standard, a democratic argument, which is you can’t have a tank on the streets. Can you, you can’t have a thousand rounds. You don’t need a, you don’t need a thousand rounds. Well, there, that’s all I’m saying is I’m just saying we need common sense. That’s where he wanted to go with the argument. The problem is he did say the things that the voter was accusing him of saying, and I went back in the way back machine and polled the clips.

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So let’s listen to a couple moments. Number one, Beto O’Rourke said that he’s going to take all our guns. He said, hell yeah, I’m gonna take your guns and hell yeah, I’m going to take your air. Fifteens first of all, Joe Biden called them AR fourteens which underscores again the problem. D, the the leftist don’t understand. They don’t use guns. They don’t understand guns. Don’t even know what they’re called. He said AR fourteens which their fifteens our machine guns. No, they’re not. They’re semiautomatic, which is no different than a pistol. One shot one pole. That’s how that works. If Joe actually used guns, perhaps he’d understand. The argument is so silly. Now the media perpetuates this argument because most of the members of the media are so liberal, they’ve never touched a gun or use the gun. So they don’t know to fact check what an assault rifle is or that it’s semiautomatic. Let’s roll a clip of Joe Biden in Texas just a couple of days ago with his buddy Beto talking about what he’s going to do, do use Beto to solve the gun problem.

Mr. Joe Biden: (19:58)

This guy, I want to make something clear. I’m going to guarantee you this a lot. Last year seeing this guy, you’re going to take care of the gun problem with me. You’re going to be the one who leads this effort. I’m counting on you.

John Thomas: (20:12)

So Joe Biden calls that fake news. Uh, I don’t. He just begged the guy who said, hell yes, we’re going to take your guns and your AR fifteens and he just said, I’m relying on you. You’re not going anywhere. I’m going to have you to solve the gun problem. And he said, let me be clear. Joe is going to have to be careful when he uses phrases like, let me be clear, because when you say things like that, it’s very difficult to walk them back. All right, let’s move along on this same topic. Uh, Joe Biden was, had a conversation a couple weeks ago with Anderson Cooper in an interview about guns. Listen to what he said. And you do the math period. Why an assault weapon that has multiple rounds or buy an assault weapon that has a hundred rounds, even though it may not, you can’t point to the fact that it, in fact, it’s stopped it before.

John Thomas: (21:08)

Do you want more of them on the street? Do we want to do that? So to, to gun owners out there who say, well, a bond administration means they’re going to come from my guns. Bingo. You’re right. If you have an assault weapon, the fact of the matter is they should be illegal. Period. Look, the second amendment doesn’t say you can’t restrict the kinds of weapons people can own. Bingo. We’re coming for your assault weapons a hundred rounds in an assault weapon. I don’t know any rifle, uh, that your standard civilian carries or is even interested in caring. It has a hundred rounds.

John Thomas: (21:51)

Oh gosh. Ah, but the pack, the fact is that voter union worker who spoke with Joe was 100% right? Yet Joe said, let’s go out back as if he wants to. I don’t know. I have a fist fight in the back. I’m not exactly sure what he means there. He said he’s full of a S. Mmm. Everything about that was wrong. Now here’s an interesting bit. I called a fake news. Uh, MSNBC did play the gun exchange. [inaudible] except one. It didn’t include the quote. You are full of ass too. They added out the threat to slap where you were. Biden said, I’m going to slap your face. And three, they edited out Biden shushing his high level female staffer. So number one, they edited all of those components out to portray a version of the exchange that’s completely false. So I guess this would qualify as manipulated video, right? Remember this is at the same time when Facebook and Twitter are pulling down Trump ads, uh, because they’re calling Trump ads manipulated video when there was absolutely nothing actually manipulated at all.

John Thomas: (23:14)

The point is there is left wing bias and why did MSNBC cut out this point? It’s very simple because it made their nominee look bad. They’re pro, they’re pushing fake news. The problem of this edit is they had to clip around. It wasn’t just like starting halfway through the clip. It did clip out certain portions, uh, rather than bleeping things. And, uh, and then on Twitter there was a trending called you go Joe, uh, yesterday, which is cheering Joe on for telling the guy like it is. Oh my God. The bottom line is the co, this is antithetical to the argument that Biden makes, that he’s a classy guy that will restore the soul of the nation. He’s 100% wrong in the facts. He was misogynist by shushing a eight African American female staffer, and he threatened physical violence against somebody who disagreed with him.

John Thomas: (24:24)

Why? Why is it left not outraged about this? Oh, it’s because it, it’s all about winning. They want their team to win and they want to drive their agenda, which is to take your guns. That’s true. So well, it’s unfortunate and it’s, it’s uh, it’s disgusting, but uh, certainly makes for entertaining fodder to go back and the way back machine like two days earlier whereby said, let me be clear, I’m putting Beto in charge to take away your guns. I just, so the whole thing is a, it’s so silly. Mmm. Okay. One other thing, I do want to, uh, give credit where credit is due. AOC was doing a podcast, radio interview and she talked about her concerns about Joe Biden and I actually for once agree with AOC. Let’s roll the clip. I think Joe Biden, his performance on the stage kind of raised some questions with respect to that. Um, but I don’t want to say just because someone is 79, they can’t or shouldn’t run for president. I don’t want to use those proxies that a number as a proxy for capacity. I think you have to assess a person’s capacity. Um, kind of on a case by case basis. Aye. I couldn’t agree more. Uh, Biden does give us pause about his capacity. That’s a very, uh,

Speaker 4: (26:04)


John Thomas: (26:05)

genteel way, a delicate way of pudding. It, Biden isn’t up to the job. Now why was AOC so delicate in an interview? Well, it’s because her horse Bernie is not that much. Uh, they’re, you know, they’re in the same, um, same vintage, uh, that, uh, so it would be, it would undermine your argument. She’s smart enough to realize this, to say that if you’re 78 years old, you can’t run for president, it’s too old. Then the question is, well, how is, how much is tool? Mmm. And to her fairness of her point, there are mid 70 year olds that are as spry and mentally, uh, fit as 50 year olds and there are mid 70 year olds that are look like they’re mentally about 110 years old. Joe Biden falls into the category of 110 year old, not 50 year olds. So that is what I’m looking at.

John Thomas: (27:05)

Uh, today. The, it’ll be fascinating. Things I’m watching is number one. Does Bernie go all the way, uh, to the next selection round the following week? Does he, does he show up at the debate? Does he or does he drop out before pressure is going to become immense on Bernie in these coming days? Even Andrew Yang who endorsed Bernie Sanders in 2016 over Hillary came out last night and endorsed Joe Biden. So what does Bernie do? I suspect he folds. I just don’t know if he folds before the debate. Hard to say cause that’s a really, uh, it’s not as clear cut as with other candidates when I could predict they’re dropping because there’s not underlying, um, and are broke yet. Uh, the, the organization is built enough that they can endure, uh, another week if they want, if Burr, if Bernie wants. But uh, that wasn’t the case. It was easier for me to call it and time it on the other races. Harder to do on this one. Of course, if you have any questions, you can always tweet me at the Thomas guide. You can go to the Thomas shoot me an email. Go to our Facebook page. Uh, peruse has episodes or write me a message on [inaudible]. Thanks so much for tuning in and, uh, we’ll catch you tomorrow on another episode of the Thomas guide.

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