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John’s TV hit from Newsmax: Whats going to happen with July 4th? Ep 122

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This is the Thomas guide, your roadmap for navigating the world with your guide, John Thomas political savant, world-class analyst and culture critic. No need to Google directions. Just fuck them up and enjoy the ride. This is the Thomas Guy with your host, John Thomas.

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Hey, it’s John Thomas. It’s meant a while. So here’s what we’re going to do. The structure of the show is a once a week podcast where I’ll go through the latest in all things, political, breaking down the latest polls, the latest controversy, the latest fake news, but I’m also doing television hits and other things throughout the week. So I thought that with our producer, Jacob’s help that we can share this content with you, that I’m doing on television and elsewhere. So there’ll be multiple podcasts a week and what, and we’ll make sure that those are shared properly. And please give me feedback so you can, of course, tweet me or go to the Thomas and enjoy this episode where I was on Newsmax a week ago, talking about liberal policies that are allowing for statues and other American history to be pulled down. Hope you like it.

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Joining us Republican strategists, joining us live on the show. There he is. Wendy Patrick host of the KCB Q radio, the answer and Newsmax columnists, the legal and political commentator. Good to see both of you here, Wendy, I’ll start with you, uh, your reaction to this weekend. Uh, the president appearing at Mount Rushmore. So many Americans feeling guilty because they want to celebrate July 4th. This one is different than any July 4th we’ve ever experienced windy.

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You know, it’s true, but why should it be? I mean, if there’s a weekend that should unite all Americans, it’s the 4th of July and hopefully that’s what we’re aiming for. And it’s unfortunate that it happens in the wake of this statute tear down movement that has really taken the country by storm indiscriminant vandalizing of monuments. That half of the people involved don’t even know what they mean. One of the undercurrents that I’m glad Emerald reported on it, we’re hearing more about is justice. Delayed is not justice denied just because people weren’t arrested in the act of vandalism doesn’t mean they won’t be brought to justice. And doesn’t mean that these things won’t eventually be put up for a vote. Let the citizens of the different cities decide. And if there are monuments that everybody decides should come down, we’ll do it. Peaceably lawfully decide whether there’s a museum willing to take them, or does the city auction them off to the highest, you know, that’s already being done and then invest those funds back into the city infrastructure, jobs, afterschool programs, mental health issues. There are so many more productive ways we can approach a weekend like the 4th of July, besides going after historical value things to our country.

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The president put that executive order in place that to punish those who will vandalize monuments. John, do you think that will deter, uh, these looters and these writers that we’ve seen try to pull these monuments down? Do you think this new executive order and the punishment that comes with it will deter them or is more needed John? Well, you know, I’m not really sure that it will, because I believe that what we’ve seen from our local elected officials over the last few weeks is that they don’t have any interest in forcing the law. And so the looters and the writers and the criminals know it. So the laws on the books really don’t do a lot of good unless you’re willing to enforce it. Look, I applaud Kevin McCarthy and Trump were trying to ratchet up pressure on, on States and local municipalities here, but it really comes down. You’re going to need to see leadership at the local level. And I’m not so sure we’re going to see that. Um, I’m going to show you something. We all know tensions are high right now with everything going on in our country and Winnie, I’m gonna play this for you and then get your reaction to it. I want you to take a look at what happened. This was in a parking lot in Michigan over the weekend, and you may have seen this after one woman accused another of bumping into her daughter. Watch what unfolds

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You’re blocking me from [inaudible] ignorance. Please. Do you think you guys get away?

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So the woman holding the gun, um, and our, her husband though, the two couple, the couple that were arrested, um, the husband then fired from his job, Wendy. I don’t know if you followed this story here. Um, but basically there was, uh, a young black girl and her mother, uh, apparently there was some kind of, one of them bumped into the other coming out, this escalated into, uh, the antagonism that you saw getting behind the van, um, yelling and calling names. And I guess she felt threatened. So she got out with her, uh, concealed carry that she had a permit for, with the gun. Um, again, arrested, uh, and the husband arrested. Then the husband lost his job as well. What is going on here? Windy? You know, I wish that I could say that this was an isolated incident in terms of the way this escalated. Uh, but I’ve seen not only this footage, but footage like it from around the country in the last couple of weeks. And it really emphasizes the importance of figuring out how do we make sure nothing ever escalates to begin with? We understand people are unreasonable. People are angry.

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Sometimes their target they’re targeting their anger inappropriately. We don’t have the beginning of the footage to see how this began, but you almost don’t need that to be appalled by this video. And it’s just another reminder and I hope this is something maybe uplifting we can consider over the weekend that we are all Americans, we’re all human beings. We’re all deserving of respect. We’re all image bearers of God. There has to be a way that we can learn from watching footage like this and maybe bout make sure that there’s nothing we ever say or do that will cause an incident like this, regardless of who’s at fault. It’s very hard to watch. I agree. And I would hope this is the last one of these that will be watching me discussing on the air, but I’m not optimistic about that.

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No, you know, John will bring into the conversation on, on this and again, not to dissect the actual incident and who’s right and who’s wrong. But, um, they were called races over and over the couple over and over antagonize. Again, this has gotten to this point, the bottom line is I think it points to a more broader perspective of what’s actually happening in the country where people are feeling they’re they’re fearing for their lives. And they don’t know if the police will show up. There’s all these calls to fund the police and police are going to be, you know, um, you know, scared to act quite frankly, based on what we’ve seen, uh, there’s unrest on the other side, there’s a lot of fear, um, from folks wanting to just protect their own John

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Well, you’re right. And we’re seeing that also in gun sales that are surging all across the country and it’s not because people would become somehow, you know, a gun enthusiast. So in the last few weeks, it’s because they’re scared. They’re scared that law enforcement won’t be there when they need it. And for good reason, they have that, that belief we’ve been witnessing it on TV. We’ve been watching it on Twitter feeds. Uh, the tension in the country right now is so high, uh, fueled by leftist activists and the democratic party with people like Joe Biden, who embrace it and encourage this kind of action all the while when you see looting and writing and th and, and law enforcement does nothing. Our elected leaders don’t punish those people that act and behave badly. So can you really blame private citizens for wanting concealed carry permits to protect themselves and their families? I don’t think you can.

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Yeah. And this is something I’ve, I’ve said all along on this program, when you start taking away the authorities, you’re going to leave the responsibility and the hands of everyday citizens case in point st. Louis, Missouri, the McCloskey is trying to protect their home after their private property was seized. If you will, uh, by a bunch of protests is going as private property. You’re not on public property anymore. So at that point, uh, he felt fearful for his life. He had to take it in his own hands, and I believe he made a phone call to authorities, uh, to help him. They told him to abandon his home, um, and that wasn’t gonna happen. Uh, and that’s not going to happen around the country a lot of the times. Um, I’ll leave it at that. John Thomas, Winnie. Patrick, thank you so much. Good to see you happy for it. I think I’ll see you again later on the broadcast. Thank you. Same to you.

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Thanks so much for listening. I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to go to my website, the Thomas and sign up for my email list. It’s free. Hope to catch you on the next episode of the Thomas guide. [inaudible].