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The Dems are keeping Biden in the basement – I wonder why?? Ep 125

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This is Thomas your roadmap for navigating [inaudible] John Thomas. Hey, it’s John again. So I was just on Newsmax and we were talking about the democrats’ strategy of keeping Biden in the basement, uh, that in a strange sort of way, that the COVID has actually been productive for Biden because it’s kept him in the basement. It has literally muzzled him, forcing him to actually have an excuse for not talking. This is the campaign teams dream. They not only want to keep their gaffe machine, uh, out of the spotlight and just have the selection be about Trump, but they, um, they want, they want a plausible excuse for avoiding any kind of public interaction. So I go into depth in that and a little bit more. I hope you enjoy this clip.

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There’s the remainder of the event, state delegation, meetings, parties, all that schmoozing voting on the party platform and Biden’s nomination. That’s going to all happen virtually or not at all. We’re going to bring back in our panel to discuss John Thomas and Wendy Patrick. And we knew the DNCs convention was going virtual, but now lawmakers are being told to stay home. It’s a move we saw from Joe Biden himself for months during the beginning of the COVID out, uh, 19 outbreak in the U S John, does this move play into Terry? McAuliffe’s keep Biden in the basement strategy at all.

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Yeah, it does in essence, because when you’re doing convention by zoom, it’s so much easier to script the candidate to make sure that every ounce of what Biden does and says is controlled. And that really is the name of the game here. Remember Biden is, is not just, he used to call himself a gaffe machine, and now people are wondering if he has the mental competency to actually do the job. So what a better way than to either keep them in a basement or when he does speak, make sure it’s by prompter and you have control of the zoom button to, uh, to change, change the scene if he messes up.

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And when you’ve got that control, you kind of miss the authentic moments that could happen when you go off script. Wendy, I’m wondering if that could be lacking when you are doing things so virtually Emma, you could not have asked me a more perfect question because as a behavior analyst, one of the things I can tell you is Joe Biden is energized by crowds in person, some of his best work and his best speeches have been when he is feeding off the energy of a crowd, Donald Trump does the same thing, but to save it, it’s going to be virtual. When he is stuck to, with teleprompter, he doesn’t do as well as our president does on a teleprompter. So this is really going to disadvantage the natural chemistry and charisma that he usually is able to events in a supportive crowd. We’ve seen that we saw that in the primaries as well. He’s not going to be able to take advantage of that dynamic this time around, and that’ll probably hurt his candidacy. Certainly momentum also translates into math in terms of the number of people that turn out to vote that too will no doubt be lacking if we’re going to be doing everything virtually interesting. Uh, we do know that Biden is leading in the polls. John are Democrats feeling enough security in these numbers, or as Wendy mentioned, is voter turnout and voter enthusiasm. Something that they really should be considering.

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Well, right now the Democrats are feeling cocky, but it’s still a long time until election day. And that’s one of the reasons these virtual conventions should give the Democrats a little bit of pause. Conventions are there to whip up enthusiasm. Conventions are there to create a media moment to drive news coverage and your message and get the basic cited. Your ground troops that are going to go out and register more voters, turn out your base and look voter enthusiasm. That’s always the name of the game. Uh, and generally speaking, public opinion. Polling has shown the Donald Trump supporters are much more enthusiastic to vote for him. Joe Biden’s supporters are less enthusiastic to vote for Biden. They just weren’t enthusiastic to vote against Donald Trump. So Biden has got to create that boozy ASM and doing it via zoom is unlikely.

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We talked yesterday specifically about that hashtag vote blue, no matter who, and that totally hits the Mark on what you’re saying there, John, uh, also yesterday we mentioned that president Trump had shaken up his own campaign, moving Brad Parscale out his campaign manager, bill Stepien in Stepian says that the strategy just over 100 days to election is quote winning every day. So Wendy, what does he do to actually make that happen? He does exactly what the president wants him to do in terms of a daily battle. And I agree with that strategy, you know, the president has been shaking up his staff since he took office and by replacing somebody so important, so close to the election, he’s trying to keep it fresh. He’s doing exactly that. And he didn’t say to his old campaign, strategist, your fire. He never says that it’s a reallocation of work.

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He said, we put them in another role. Everybody seems to be on the same team, which is the type of United front. You need to maintain the energy and the enthusiasm going up into the election because the president has always had an advantage so far over Joe Biden, for example of enthusiasm and energy and having virtual conventions. It’s only going to make it more obvious that the president has that enthusiasm necessary to carry it over the finish line. Yeah. We’re going to keep our eye on both campaigns and the strategy. It’s fascinating to see because Stepien says that he plans to now go on the offensive with Joe Biden saying he plans to expose him here, John, any insight as to what that might entail.

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Well, I think it was what we were talking about in the segment before, uh, which is right now, Americans are upset and want China to be held accountable and made many Americans may not be aware of the Bidens and the Biden families cozy relationship with China, how they took it easy on China, how Hunter Biden, uh, has taken money from corporate boards in China. So, uh, look, president Trump needs to draw that contrast. That’s what these campaigns are about. And it sounds like the new cm is willing to go there.

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Interesting to talk political strategy with, with you both on this Friday morning, John and Wendy. Thanks for coming on. Thanks Donna. You got it.

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Thanks so much for listening. I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to go to my website, the Thomas and sign up for my email list. It’s free. Hope to catch you on the next episode of the Thomas guide. [inaudible].