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The United States Government is going soft with China. Ep 124

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This is the Thomas gut. Your roadmap for navigating. What’s your guide, John Thomas.

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Thomas. What’s your host, John Thomas.

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Hey, John Thomas here. So I was just on Newsmax. I hope you enjoy the clip. And I go into the United States. Over-reliance on China for the supply chain, as it relates to PPE, uh, the, the issue with American tech companies going soft on China, Hollywood being going soft and pandering to China. It’s a real problem. President Trump hasn’t fixed the issue, but he’s doing his best to hold China accountable. Please enjoy

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John Thomas, Republican strategists and windy Patrick host of KCB Q radio. The answer she’s also a Newsmax columnist and legal and political commentator. Good to see both the here, Winnie, I’ll start with you on this is the white house. Do you think employing the right strategy in terms of dealing with China or is this going to end and what some would call a massive trade war, your thoughts on it?

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Well, I think they are employing the right strategy and you know, they really are doing that on a number of different fronts and it’s not just coming from the white house. It’s coming from the attorney general bill BARR. Most, most recently, uh, some people were surprised to see the age you speaking out on ideological issues, but they probably shouldn’t be, I mean, this man has never been a shrinking violet and espousing his own views, especially with dealing with something as important as China at a time, as important as this. So Jeffrey Lord talked a lot about the Hollywood ideology. We’re just seeing more of that coming out. And so what the white house is doing through all of the, the people that are involved in the administration, whether they are specifically tasked with doing so or not is really presenting a United front of pushback. Just like you were saying, it happened in the Reagan era and it’s happening again now and it’s happening sufficiently advanced and the election to be an issue.

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Yeah. John, what are your thoughts on it? Do you feel more people are talking about this deteriorating relationship with China and the U S specifically what we’ve seen COVID now we’re paying the price with more than 130,000 American lives so far.

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Well, as it relates to cope. And one of the things that has exposed is the U S is overreliance on a supply chain out of China. The fact that some would argue that it’s been so difficult, uh, to get a PPE here in the States is that things aren’t made here in the United States and which is in essence, is giving too much power and control to a place like China. We’ve got to get away from that president Trump. And here’s the thing. President Trump has been consistent this front, not just during coven, but that’s what he campaigned on in 2016 as well. So he has taken it to China, uh, with tariffs and trying to hold them accountable. And now you’ve got to give attorney general BARR credit. It’s not just Hollywood, he’s going after, which is fair. He’s going after big tech because big tech controls our data. And if they let they’re soft on China and let and let, uh, apps such as tick talk and others, uh, just run wild. That becomes a national security threat

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As well. I’m gonna wrap you right there. Uh, John, when do you guys stick around? If you don’t mind, we’ll talk to you in just a bit. Thank you.

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Thanks so much for listening. I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to go to my website, the Thomas and sign up for my email list. It’s free. Hope to catch you on the next episode of the Thomas guide.

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