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Unemployment Number Fiasco! John rips Biden for reframing the unemployment numbers. Ep 123

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This is Thomas. Got your roadmap for navigating the world with your guide, John [inaudible]. Hey, John Thomas here. Thanks for tuning in today’s clip. We pulled was when I was on Newsmax recently talking about how the Biden campaign tried to ignore the good economic news, the beating expectation on the job numbers and the tactic, the Biden campaign use in attempt to reframe the issue. You’re not going to want to miss what I had to say enjoy.

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So which candidate is more ideal for rebuilding the economy back with us now, Wendy Patrick and John Thomas and Wendy, if you just listened to president Trump’s speak or just Joe Biden, you might have a very different interpretation of how to read those new job numbers. I don’t know, Emma, that’s an interesting point because we all have to read those numbers in light of what we already know has caused those falling job numbers and the rising job numbers as the con, as the country goes back to work. And I think most Americans, you know, many people don’t follow politics, but they do when it has to do with them directly. And the COVID scenario with the reopening of the economy is something that really hits home for every American. So if they hear Joe Biden or the president for that matter in a vacuum, they’re probably going to wonder what the other side would say.

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And that’s why we have three wonderful debates coming up where no doubt this issue is going to be front and center because it matters so much for modern Americans as to how many times they’re going to have to hear whether the job company goes up or goes down. How many times are we going to have to hear those numbers and what are they going to start to rebound even more than they are? They think that their money is probably on the president because he’s done so well with the economy to date. That is such a huge factor that Americans will be considering when they head to the polls in November. Um, you know, how are you reading? Who could potentially be the best candidate, John, when you see these two candidates come and speak and you know, we know Trump has been in office now, Joe Biden has a long history of working in politics, which one is going to be reassuring for Americans.

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Sure. So this is a classic, uh, political move, uh, that Joe Biden tried to do, which is called reframing the issue, right? So the day’s news story should have been about the economy, the pace of, of our reopening, uh, perhaps whether or not we should be optimistic or not for everyone’s economic future, that we beat expectations, almost doubled expectations in terms of the number of jobs that are coming back after, after this, uh, you know, terrible pandemic has been going on. So Biden’s trying to reframe it classic classic move. Uh, but that’s not going to work because yes, of course the pandemic and COVID deaths are tragic, but the economy is, and always will be the number one issue because it affects to Wendy’s earlier point everybody’s daily lives in perpetuity. So the question is going to become, and I think Trump is going to win this issue. I’ve seen internal polling that shows as much, which is if Americans walk into the voting booth, as they go into November or mail their ballots, as it may be, and they ask themselves who’s stronger to grow the economy and bring it back. All Trump has to say is I’ve done it before I can do it again. Joe Biden has no track record on the economy and no business experience. And here he is downplaying the growth and optimism that we’re hoping to have in this economy.

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And Americans need that optimism right now of all times. Oh my goodness. When we see 4.8 million more Americans back at work, again, with a job, we know there are millions who are currently unemployed right now, and they’ve got to get back to work. As soon as places begin to reopen, we know we’re holding out for that, but that light, that 4.8 million, I mean, that was bigger than analysts had even predicted. However, we seen how this is played out. We know Democrats potentially are not supporting the idea that this economy is bouncing back. In fact, here’s what MSNBC Rachel Maddow said the night before those numbers were released, we’re actually going to get the, um, jobless numbers, the unemployment numbers for the month of June

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A day earlier than we would otherwise expect them. So we would usually get those on a Friday. They’re going to come out tomorrow. That’ll tell us unemployment figures for June, brace yourself. It’s going to be absolutely terrible,

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Absolutely terrible, Wendy. That’s what she had predicted. That’s what she thought. And it looked almost like a smug, grim grin on her face when she was saying it. And they weren’t, you know, Emma, the problem for the Democrats is that the economy has done very well under this president. And they know how important that is to Americans on both sides of the aisle, including Democrats, Democrats want to make money too, and want to go back to work. So this is one of those issues that has always been in the president’s column, it’s his to lose. And he has done everything he can. And he, every single day talks about this. Everything he can to not only bring Americans back to work, but also find ways to stimulate the economy, put money in their pockets, do what we can to account for the fact that sadly many of them have been out of work, but it’s hard to argue with the numbers as they exist, that I predict is going to going to be one of Joe brightens. And he’s probably has more than one, but probably one of his toughest issues moving forward is that is squarely in the president’s column. John, do you think the mainstream media will continue to bet against the president?

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Of course, and simply look, this, this is the sooner Americans realize this, the better they’ll be off, which is it is all about power. It is all about winning for the Democrats. They are rooting against America success because it feathers their own nests and their own increases their own power. It’s all about defeating Donald Trump. It has nothing to do with protecting everyday Americans and getting the country back on track, whatever it takes to see Trump lose and Democrats back in power. That’s what they’re rooting for. So of course, we’re going to see this and it’s only going to ramp up until November.

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Yeah. John Thomas, Wendy, Patrick. Thank you both for coming on and sharing your thoughts on this July 4th weekend. We appreciate it. Take care. Thank you. Happy for you too.

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Thanks so much for listening. I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to go to my website, the Thomas and sign up for my email list. It’s free. Hope to catch you on the next episode of the Thomas guide. [inaudible].